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Get a Tailored Training Programme with Videos and Coaching.

Get a Nutritional Plan with Easy to Follow Guidelines.

Get the Accountability with other Like-Minded Busy Professionals.

Get a New Weekly Routine and learn how to Develop Life Changing Habits.

Get a Stronger Education about Training, Health and Nutrition.

Get Results and the Body You Desire.

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Achieve Real Results with the Online Group Coaching Programme

See it for yourself…

The Online Group CoachingProgramme

See it for yourself…

‘Sean now consistently receives daily compliments after losing 3 stone as a result of his new daily habits and solid structure in his daily routines.’

‘Niamh needs to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes and feels like a new woman!’

‘Clodagh now has a whole new level of confidence and is wearing clothes she never dreamed of before!’
I'm Ready to Start!
I'm Ready to Start!

‘Marie?s life has completely changed with her new found levels of energy and now feels empowered about how to eat and train effectively while also maintaining her social life!’
I'm Ready to Start!
I'm Ready to Start!

About the Programme

The KMFITNESS Online Group Programme is the solution to your current obstacles. The programme is designed to progressively get you leaner and stronger over 8 weeks using a mixture of strength training and HIIT training either at home or in the gym.

Combined with a nutritional approach of using high quality foods (with sample meal plans and recipes) you will transform your body over 8 weeks and more importantly develop the habits needed to stay lean and fit forever.

As a coach, it is my mission to empower all of the people I work with so that they have not only changed how they look and feel but also have significantly improved their knowledge on improving their health and fitness. This is a lifetime skill that will greatly impact your life and the lives of those closest to you.

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Here is just a sample of things you will receive once you join the THE LEAN PROFESSIONAL ONLINE PROGRAMME.


What you will get:

Training Programme

You will get the option to choose from 5 different workouts that are appropriate for both the gym and at home. The programmes are designed for both men and women, beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. You pick the programme that is suited towards your specific ability.
  • 5 Workouts each week that progressively get more difficult
  • Weekly training plan for your current ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Videos on how to perform all of your workouts
  • Training will never be more than 60 minutes
  • Workouts that fit your busy schedule and lifestyle
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Nutritional Plan

One of the most difficult aspects of any body transformation is nutrition, however on this programme you will be eating tasty foods that will not only make you feel great but will also be quick and easy to prepare.
  • 60 Super Tasty Recipes that include burgers, pancakes, pizza and curries
  • A weekly shopping list
  • Survival Guides to some of your favourite fast food restaurants
  • A calorie and macro target that is specific to your goal
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From the moment you sign up, you will be given clear to follow guidelines on what you need to do. Once the programme starts, you will gain access to the Private Facebook group where I will answer all of your questions that will allow you to stay on track and continue to progress.
  • Welcome Pack that outlines everything you need to do step by step
  • Over 2 hours of educational content to expand your knowledge, improve your habits and help you in the gym, the kitchen and even at work
  • Weekly support from me in the Private Facebook Group
  • Access to a weekly Q and A to answer any queries you have and to get updates on progress
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Enrolment for the next programme is currently open.

The next Online Group Coaching Programme will start on Monday 1st June 2020.

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