Say no to restrictive fitness and nutrition programmes and yes to a unique programme focusing on all areas of your life.

How the “Be A Better Man” programme works

Tried online fitness and nutrition coaching before, been on a diet, or paid for a gym membership, only to fall back into old habits once the training stops? 

As a busy guy, your attention is pulled and dragged every single day. Work, responsibilities, jobs, favours, social media…the list is endless. You don’t have the time to focus on a demanding training and nutrition plan. 

That’s why traditional online personal training fails to produce lasting results. Life gets in the way. That’s also why we do things differently here – focusing on YOU and not rigid training plans. 

Real Guys. Real Results

The 4 Pillars of Being a Better Man

The Be a Better Man programme is unique to you. It’s not a quick fix 8-week “get shredded” plan. Our mission is to help you build a powerful physique, master your mindset and live a legendary lifestyle aligned with your highest values centered around the pillars of:





You’ll achieve guaranteed life-changing results whatever your starting point.

“By applying the Four Pillars to my life it’s provided clarity on what’s important, what I should be focusing on, and how I can best spend my time. I can be a top performer in every area of my life – the four pillars are critical.”

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Albert Dolan

Start a new fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle chapter

Our unique chapter system is a specifically designed curriculum that gives you clear metrics to accomplish which will consistently push and challenge you across the 3 success currencies of the program:

Powerful Physique

  • Individual training plan based on personal goals 
  • Drop fat and get lean while gaining muscle
  • No foods off-limits

Legendary Lifestyle

  • Overcome poor habits 
  • Break through self-limiting beliefs and boost your confidence
  • Learn money management and career skills 

Mindset Mastery

  • Structure your time better
  • Build routines
  • Enjoy doing more of what you love

Every 90 days you’ll focus on a new chapter with new goals.

Chapter 1

Drop 8-12kg of body fat.

Build a strong daily routine

Develop knowledge on how to maintain your fitness results for life

Chapter 2

Maintain your body composition results

Develop strategies to get more time back into your day 

Complete your first high-performance event 

Chapter 3

Start ‘reverse dieting’. Learn how to stay lean while eating more.

Add 5-10% of muscle mass.

Make clear progress in your relationships, career, and finances.

Chapter 4

Gain a complete understanding of food and lifestyle management. Develop the confidence to say no. 

Get clear on your mission and vision as a better man.

To help you achieve all these steps in our fitness and nutrition programme you have access to

  • 24-hour text support 
  • A private Facebook group 
  • Over 500 hours of online education 
  • Live online training every Saturday 
  • Weekly webinars 
  • 2 live in-person events per year
fitness and nutrition programme

When you have a game plan designed for YOU and YOUR life, the results are not only a lot easier to achieve but achieving them becomes so much more enjoyable.

Before I joined the Be A Better Man program I would never have dreamed about being able to get these types of results within 12 weeks and still maintain a social life.

I had been training for a good bit of time but was missing that final piece of the puzzle and could never really get the results I wanted for the effort I was putting in. I have now been a member of the program for 3 years and see it as the cornerstone to my success in all areas of my life. 

Thomas O'Shea

Since joining the program with Kieran and the team it is not just my fitness that has excelled but also other key areas of my life…my ability to focus, my levels of productivity at work, and the other areas of my life that I am passionate about have really excelled to new levels.

You won’t regret it and you owe it to yourself to see what you are capable of when you have the right guidance and info in place. It is the best decision I have ever made.

Albert Dolan

When I spoke to Kieran on day 1, he told me that if I committed to the program, I would get in the best physical and mental shape of my life. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure and was a bit anxious about joining a program like this as it was so new to me but it is by far the greatest investment I have ever made and will ever make.

I have been a member now for over 2 years and my results continue to go to whole new levels. There is no other program out there that is like this. 

Richie Shields

Say no to:

Hours and hours of training and prepping meals
Struggling to figure out your finances, searching for the best crypto or stock deals
Having no time for yourself or your family
Missed career opportunities

Say Yes to:

Prioritising your health and fitness
Building lasting relationships
Being a leader at work
Enjoying financial stability

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Your Questions Answered

How is the fitness and nutrition programme delivered?

The programme is delivered 100% online, however, we also hold two in-person events throughout the year. You can implement your plan and access all the tools and resources 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Choose to train in your local gym or at home. Weights aren’t necessary as we tailor home workouts to your individual needs. We provide in-depth video demonstrations for all exercises within the coaching app. You also receive links to all the workout demos. 

How long does the fitness and nutrition programme last?

The Be a Better Man programme is designed over a 2-year curriculum. There’s a minimum commitment of 24 weeks – anything less and you won’t achieve sustainable life-changing results. Most of our members stay for the full 2-year curriculum. The more commitment you give, the faster you’ll see results.

How much does the programme cost?

Be A Better Man is a premium life-changing programme. Investment packages start at €500 through to €3000 depending on your challenges, what stage you’re at with your fitness, and what guidance you need. Your plan is unique to you and the investment reflects that. We talk through the cost on your initial action plan call. 

How much time will I need to deliver to the fitness and nutrition programme

We ask that for this fitness and nutrition programme you dedicate 2.5 hours+ every week to your fitness and health targets. 

Do you guarantee results?

While we guarantee you’ll have all of the resources and support you need to transform your body, mind, and lifestyle, naturally, the results you see will depend on your ability to implement instructions and your ability and willingness to train hard. But one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is that we transform the lives of hundreds of men every single year, dramatically improving their confidence, fitness, health, and body. We leave you with no excuses and provided you take our advice on board, you WILL achieve incredible results.