The Be A Better Man approach isn’t about a one-off fitness and nutrition challenge.

It’s about getting stronger, leaner, fitter, and happier for life. Our mantra which comes from a phrase my Mum left me with is to Pursue, Persist & Persevere no matter what life throws and it is these words that the guys and I constantly live by.

Hey Boss Man, I’m Kieran McMahon, founder of KMFitness, ex-teacher, and a proud County Clare man from Ireland.

What made me give up teaching and start fitness coaching? As a teacher, I saw young men missing essential skills for their future day-to-day happiness and performance. The educational system fails young guys. There’s no teaching based on the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the most important areas of their lives – fitness, finances, habits, relationships, and mental wellbeing. 

That’s why men reach their 20s and 30s without a real understanding of getting and staying in shape. They end up with no structure to their day, stress levels rise, energy drops, and they feel guilty for not taking care of themselves. With a family and career to take care of, health and fitness start to take a back seat.

Recognise yourself in this?

Thing is, it becomes the norm for most guys. I get it because I felt the same way.

Working long hours as a teacher, running extra tuition classes, and setting up a business on the side meant taking time out for myself was a guilt-ridden luxury. Poor energy states become the norm, and you forget what running on high energy feels like.

I knew something had to change. The fitness world has to offer more than quick fixes and 8-week “get shredded” programmes. Because once they’re over, there’s nothing to stop you falling back into old habits.

That’s why I founded KMFitness in 2017. Over time the purpose of the company has evolved. Today, we have a team of world-class coaches offering a holistic approach to improving all areas of your life, from fitness to fun, finances to family. 

When I was younger my mam used to say “Pursue, Persist, Persevere”. It’s the mantra for our Be a Better Man programme and something that the guys and I consistently live by now.

My advice is to be honest with yourself. The hardest part is reaching out and asking for help.

You’ll never get judgment or BS from me. So book a free call, and I’ll talk you through the process. No future commitment or investment required. Let’s chat and get you back to feeling good about yourself.

"My mission is to help men achieve world-class body composition and fitness results and teach them how to retain these results for life."

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“When I spoke to Kieran before joining, we spoke about putting myself first…I’ve re-evaluated my priorities. Get on the phone, talk with him, Just be open and honest. Put yourself first and take that step – you won’t regret it”.


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Protein Shakes

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What Makes Me Qualified:

REPsLevel 4 DIPLOMA in Strength and Conditioning
REPsLevel 3 DIPLOMA in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training
REPs Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing qualification
ILM level 3 Leadership and Management Certificate
FAI Coaching Qualification Level 1 and 2
GAA Coaching Qualification
BA & Postgraduate Diploma in Education

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