Why KMFitness?

Being a former school teacher, I now help frustrated young professionals get into the best shape of their life and ultimately transform them from feeling out of shape, bloated and self-conscious to feeling lean, toned and more confident.

Here are what some have my clients have said:

Thomas' Journey
?Would never have dreamed about being able to get these types of results and still maintain a social life?Had been training for a good bit of time but was missing that final piece of the puzzle.?
– Thomas
Schenda's Journey
‘Before I started working with you, I dreaded the thought of lifting weights, gaining too much muscle and becoming bulky. I didn?t know how to make progress in the gym or how to use the gym equipment properly…I am now a new woman and cannot believe my body fat transformation.’
– Schenda
Rachel's Journey
?I can now wear a bikini with confidence and regularly get complimented on how toned and defined I look… I am stronger than ever before and I am so much more confident going into the gym.?
– Rachel
Paul's Journey
Ryan's Journey
Stephen's Journey
Niamh's Journey

Are you tired and frustrated of trying to find a training plan and diet that works or fits your lifestyle while still producing great results?

Check Out My Online Coaching Programmes…

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“My mission is to help improve the quality of life for as many young professionals as I can.”

-Kieran McMahon | Founder of KM Fitness
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Is this online coaching programme for me?

My training programmes and nutrition strategies are tailored to the specific needs of each of my clients. You will soon begin to see fitness as part of your weekly routine as opposed to something that you dread. With my coaching, nothing is off limits. You can still enjoy all the foods you love and you will do exercises that you are comfortable with whether they are at home or in a gym.
– Every workout is for YOU!
– Your diet strategy is for YOU!
– You still get to live YOUR life!
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By making this decision you will finally:

  • Get Clarity on how to train and eat to achieve your dream physique.
  • Look Better in all of your clothes.
  • Have More Confidence when you are on a night out.
  • Be able to Develop a Routine that incorporates Fitness into your Lifestyle.
  • No longer waste Time and Money looking for the newest training plan and diet.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As online coaching is a relatively new concept, the thoughts of hiring a coach can cause some anxiety.
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