Be a Better Man

Fitness and Nutrition Coach


Are you neglecting yourself, playing at average, putting others’ needs ahead of your own, and ultimately normalising poor daily habits and standards?

If you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself right now, and your energy isn’t great, you ultimately need a challenge to get things moving in the right direction.

Our mission is to help men achieve world-class body composition and fitness results and teach them how to retain these results for life.

Real Guys. Real Results

“I have developed so much more self-confidence in my own abilities and have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone in so many other areas of my life. I have since gone back to further study so I can embark on my dream career”

Anthony Hoare


“I honestly look at myself sometimes and I am almost speechless with the results which were achieved inside 16 weeks. For years, I had been training 3-4 times a week but could never get to the level I wanted to.”

Cormac O'Keefe

Holiday park owner

“Before I joined the Be A Better Man program I would never have dreamed about being able to get these types of results within 12 weeks and still maintain a social life. It has changed my life!”

Thomas O'Shea


"There is no other fitness and nutrition program out there that is like this. The level of coaching, the education, the live events, the group of lads. It is impossible to fail if you commit to following the guidelines given."

Richie Shields, Ireland

“My mission is to help improve the quality of life for as many young professionals as I can.”

Kieran McMahon | Founder of KM Fitness

"I’m fitting back into clothes that didn’t fit. I feel more confident in myself , when I do workouts I feel stronger & better. It’s helped my to make the change to put myself first. "


The 3 key principles of “Be a Better Man” focus you on achieving all your goals, not just your fitness.

Being fit is not just fixed on building muscle. It’s the identity of being a leader and high performer in every area of your life.⁣

Powerful Physique

Learn about fitness and nutrition and exercise while focusing on your fitness goals. No foods are off-limits and you’re given an individual training plan based on your personal goals. Our goal is to first help you drop body fat and get lean. You’ll learn how to gain muscle and develop a powerful physique that commands respect.

Mindset Mastery

We focus on personal growth by helping you overcome the poor habits you’ve normalised. You’ll learn how to break through your self-limiting stories that hold you back in multiple areas of your life. You will also learn money management and career skills while boosting your self-confidence.

Legendary Lifestyle

Fun with friends and family is as important as fitness and nutrition. Learn how to structure your time and enjoy doing more of the things you love. If you are not enjoying the process, what is the point?

Hi, I’m Kieran, fitness and nutrition coach and founder of the Be A Better Man programme.

Let’s be honest now. How many times have you signed up for a fitness challenge but lost your way once you achieved your goals? Or life’s got hectic and you’ve let other priorities take centre stage over your nutrition and fitness?

Listen, I get it. I’ve been there. It’s easy to let your own wellbeing slip when family and work commitments take over.

But here’s the thing. Traditional fitness and nutrition coaching programmes only focus on short-term wins. Once the strict diet plans and lengthy training sessions are over, where do you go next? Who’s holding you to account and providing ongoing support?

I set up the Be A Better Man Programme tailored around fitness, fun, finances and family – to help hard-working and ambitious men perform better and consistently show up with better energy and daily standards.  At KMFitness we focus on the whole picture, helping you get in the best shape of your life and retain ultimate performance results for good.

And yes – on this programme you can still achieve your goals while enjoying a pint and a burger.

The 5 “Be a Better Man” ingredients that help you maintain optimum fitness and nutrition for life

Tailored Plans

  • Individualised coaching plans
  • Online coaching app
  • Access your fitness and nurtition plan anytime, anywhere
  • Cooked meals delivered to your door daily


  • Over 500 hours of online educational content
  • Private podcast
  • In-house financial advisor, relationship experts and physio
  • 2 free in-person coaching events per year


  • 24 hour support
  • Weekly webinars
  • Online coaching app
  • Live weekend training
  • Supportive Facebook group
  • Daily access to a team of world-class coaches


  • 30-day targets
  • Daily and weekly targets
  • Weekly check-ins
  • 1:1 Catch up calls with your coach


  • Supportive and friendly Facebook group
  • Share your wins
  • Get advice about your obstacles
  • Group live workouts

Make time for yourself and become a better man for those around you.

Enjoy two FREE exclusive in-person events throughout the year

We meet a minimum of twice a year in Ireland to bring you the latest in fitness and nutrition education. Each event also includes a performance challenge. Events are a great opportunity to meet your coaches in person and socialise with other guys in our community. Sound out of your comfort zone? You can bring a mate along for support for free.

Want to learn strategies to help you raise your standards in every area of your life?

Tune into the “Be A Better Man” podcast

Are you a guy who struggles to find the right balance to get and stay in great shape? Are you looking to find ways to show up better in your relationships, manage your finances better, and ultimately have more free time to do the things you love with the people you care about?

I know you don’t want to settle for average. You want to consistently show up, fulfill your full potential and raise your standards across fitness, fun, finances, and family. 

Start saying ‘no’ to more things so you can say ‘yes’ to the things that matter. Grab a pen and paper, listen in, and let’s go.

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Say no to wasting time and money on fitness and nutrition programmes that don’t work. Say yes to guaranteed results and becoming a better man for life